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Priyanka is trained and certified to use solution-focused coaching tools that allow an individual to overcome obstacles and difficulties they are facing in their lives, create new futures and possibilities for themselves, and achieve things that they really want to achieve. Using her innate understanding of the nuances of human behaviour and nature, she creates a safe space for her clients and use various coaching models and methodologies to provide an individual with a platform to explore themselves. This also allows her to hold the pole position in creating development and growth pathways with her clients that lead them feeling empowered.

Using various models of coaching, Priyanka provides her clients with intellectual and experiential inputs, which act as a catalyst to the much-needed shift in an individual, making them the anchor of their lives and personal growth. This allows clarity and acceptance of required attitude, skills and behaviour in individuals — leading to sustainable and applicable changes in their lives, eventually leading to fulfilment and achievement of their goals.

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Some areas where Priyanka can help you through her One on One Coaching Sessions (only an indicative list):

  • Increasing self-awareness and self-discovery
  • Increasing confidence and self esteem
  • Career development/transition
  • Finding your dream job
  • Improving relationships
  • Enhancing performance
  • Achieving work life balance
  • Setting and accomplishing goals

And many more areas…

Hear from clients

“My journey with Priyanka so far has been wonderful and a blessing to me. Priyanka is warm, takes great interest in my life, and creates a safe space for me to confide. I really look forward to our sessions, since her invaluable insights, thought-provoking questions and her knack for bringing clarity in complex situations, have led me to really move forward in my journey of self-awareness. She has allowed me to question patterns and attitudes that I had been carrying in my life for a long time. She cares deeply about my personal aspirations and fully dedicates herself in the process helping me reach my goals. She does this through the variety of questions which she asks, which allow solutions to come through. The questions are sometimes hypothetical in nature which allow me to revisit certain perceptions and mindsets, which help me negotiate my way through. She has helped me tremendously in overcoming so many barriers of my mind, reach a certain goal and is keeping me on track to achieve some more of my goals, as we work together in this coaching journey. Priyanka to me is much more than a coach, as she brings her positivity, energy and constant motivation to each session, which makes her different from others.”

Tripti Vachher

“My long association with Priyanka allowed me to see how she, almost effortlessly, was able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She could provide helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder, while uncovering the crux of a particular situation. As a coach – and occasional mentor to her – I’ve observed her critically, and I’ve often appreciated her ability to mirror, and then articulate another’s thoughts – which provided a wealth of awareness. It helps immensely that she also possesses an uncanny ability to form strong interpersonal connections with her clients, making them feel like her friends and constantly have them in mind.

Priyanka is a great pick as a coach. She possesses a rare combination (and perfect academic credentials) for the right amount of psychological reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and consistent support. While her sessions are always tailored to personal aspirations, her attitude and follow-up is intuitive, caring, and thorough, but clinical enough to provide results. She always provides a responsive, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ path by breaking down into bite-sized pieces the steps one needs to take to move forward. That helps the change(s) come faster.

I would definitely recommend her if you’re looking for solutions – and betterment – in your life.”

Jaipal Anand

Founder - CEO, Training Platform

“Ever since middle school, I always found it challenging to be an academic really student. But having found a dedicated and supportive coach like Priyanka by my side, who goes above and beyond to help me develop and flourish personally and professionally, made a huge difference in my college years.

My coaching sessions with her have allowed me to strive to achieve continuous academic progress. Although the journey has been challenging with lots of ups and downs, however, the strategies and techniques used in her sessions, made it much easier for me to navigate through.

She inspired me to be more focused and determined in my life and to not sweat on the small stuff but instead divert that energy to achieve bigger and better things. That mindset has especially helped me with teamwork, where mishaps are bound to happen. I will forever be grateful to Priyanka for her skills, which have helped me prosper both at work and in my personal life.”

Fathima Jiffry

Student – Dubai College of Tourism

As a student at Dubai College of Tourism, I have worked with Priyanka numerous times. She has helped me not only academically, but also professionally and personally. Priyanka has a great ability to guide you in figuring out how to express what you might be feeling and effectively help you identify an action plan in order to bring you to a place you are satisfied with.

She has assisted me in achieving some of my personal goals and has helped me to navigate through some complex situations where I found myself lost. She used effective questioning skills to bring in clarity of thought, self- awareness and sometimes even the motivation to do the task at hand. The best thing is that she is a very trustworthy person and creates a very comforting and safe space for you to be able to talk and express things to her.

She to me comes across as a very understanding and insightful coach and leaves a great impact in her sessions.

Jasmin Solero

Student – Dubai College of Tourism

I have had the good fortune of doing a few sessions with Coach Priyanka Madan. Her sessions were of immense help for me. She has a way of helping a person delve deep within and find clarity regarding whichever situation they’re struggling with.

The process with her was so smooth that I felt I was actually able to have a deep and meaningful conversation not with her, but with myself! One of the coaching sessions actually helped me to actually prioritize and keep the correct focus in choosing and launching my new business venture.

Thank you Coach Priyanka for making a difference in my life.

Lt. Col. Siddhartha Varma

Indian Army Personnel

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