Tripti Vachher

“My journey with Priyanka so far has been wonderful and a blessing to me. Priyanka is warm, takes great interest in my life, and creates a safe space for me to confide. I really look forward to our sessions, since her invaluable insights, thought-provoking questions and her knack for bringing clarity in complex situations, have led me to really move forward in my journey of self-awareness. She has allowed me to question patterns and attitudes that I had been carrying in my life for a long time.

She cares deeply about my personal aspirations and fully dedicates herself in the process helping me reach my goals. She does this through the variety of questions which she asks, which allow solutions to come through. The questions are sometimes hypothetical in nature which allow me to revisit certain perceptions and mindsets, which help me negotiate my way through. She has helped me tremendously in overcoming so many barriers of my mind, reach a certain goal and is keeping me on track to achieve some more of my goals, as we work together in this coaching journey.

Priyanka to me is much more than a coach, as she brings her positivity, energy and constant motivation to each session, which makes her different from others.”