Fathima Jiffry

“Ever since middle school, I always found it challenging to be an academic really student. But having found a dedicated and supportive coach like Priyanka by my side, who goes above and beyond to help me develop and flourish personally and professionally, made a huge difference in my college years.

My coaching sessions with her have allowed me to strive to achieve continuous academic progress. Although the journey has been challenging with lots of ups and downs, however, the strategies and techniques used in her sessions, made it much easier for me to navigate through.

She inspired me to be more focused and determined in my life and to not sweat on the small stuff but instead divert that energy to achieve bigger and better things. That mindset has especially helped me with teamwork, where mishaps are bound to happen. I will forever be grateful to Priyanka for her skills, which have helped me prosper both at work and in my personal life.”