Jasmin Solero

As a student at Dubai College of Tourism, I have worked with Priyanka numerous times. She has helped me not only academically, but also professionally and personally. Priyanka has a great ability to guide you in figuring out how to express what you might be feeling and effectively help you identify an action plan in order to bring you to a place you are satisfied with.

She has assisted me in achieving some of my personal goals and has helped me to navigate through some complex situations where I found myself lost. She used effective questioning skills to bring in clarity of thought, self- awareness and sometimes even the motivation to do the task at hand. The best thing is that she is a very trustworthy person and creates a very comforting and safe space for you to be able to talk and express things to her.

She to me comes across as a very understanding and insightful coach and leaves a great impact in her sessions.